He is Refined. Groomed. Clean. Maybe Untidy. Messy. Creased. He is a fluidly formed, walking talking juxtaposition of a multitude of men.

He is the man of Melbourne.

He is the untidy hoards of intellectuals; the thinkers of now, not tomorrow. With big beards and even bigger ideas, he takes everything as it comes, and lets the little things go.


She is warm. Soft. She is home

She is his best friend, girlfriend, and family. She is witty, clever, and quick. She is that girl he met through a mate, at a party, at the park.

She is different to the others. She doesn’t care for trends. She has her own style, one that compliments our own in a weird but beautiful way.


Together, they are on the edge of new and exciting adventures. They are doing what they love, even if it doesn’t make them any money. 

They know the right thing is what makes you want more. It challenges you and drives you to insatiable thirst for the feeling of fulfilment.

We are the doers, thinkers, and sleeper inners. 
We are unique, we are ourselves.
We, are Dapper.