What do you buy for the man who has it all? Where do you find a gift he’ll treasure; something special yet functional & something for the everyday?

We’ve been coveting some Melbourne made man products, and we’re here to share them with you.

Santa, if you’re reading, you’re welcome to deliver them to our stockings this Christmas.


1. That Dapper Chap ‘Eames’ bow tie.

The work Christmas party, the neighbourhood BBQ, her family’s boxing day lunch; The Eames bow tie is perfect for every Christmas event; formal or casual, and adds Christmas style without being … ‘Christmasy’. See him online here.

2. Modern Pirate ‘Superior Hair Pomade’.

This barber grade Superior Pomade is designed to blend into and rinse out of hair easily. This water-based pomade is flexible and can be styled to create a stiff hold; just how we like it.

We love modern Pirate as they also make superior soaps, combs, and BEERS. Have a look at the pomade & their Melbourne-made goodies here.

3. All The Kings Men Leather Duffel Bag

Simple, beautiful, practical; that’s not all we love about this handcrafted leather satchel from All The Kings Men. This bag has been handmade in Melbourne and is made to last, featuring interior pockets and a quick access hidden button, for those who don’t do fiddely buckles.

See this satchel online, or check out their other drool-worthy lifetime bags here. 

Need extra inspiration? Have a look at our classic bow ties here.