The rules for menswear are changing, and Melbourne label That Dapper Chap is leading the way. 

Our latest collection, Adaptions, features a considered selection of six bow ties favoured for their versatility. Each style is handmade in Melbourne, carefully crafted with functionality and flexibility in mind.

Gone are the days when Melbourne men were expected to play it safe with colours, fabrics and styles. Welcome to the next chapter in our city’s history that encourages men to express their personality and creativity in new ways that reflect our booming music, arts and culinary scene.  

If you’ve never considered rocking a bow tie, think again. Dress them up or dress them down. Experiment with our accessories and make them your own. The possibilities are endless.

A huge thanks to Paradise Alley for the use of their incredible space, our awesome photographer Daniel Milligan, superstar stylist Emily Ziccone and models Pete, Wonky, Evan and Vaughn.