We are proud to be Melbourne made and owned.

The Dapper way is simple. The making process of your bow tie is simple. There is no middle-man, just the Dapper man. We are from Melbourne, and for Melbourne

We source our hand picked fabrics from local stockists, and strongly believe in supporting local businesses. They support us in turn, by supplying quality materials for quality products and people. 

We draw our style from those that walk the streets of this city, to bring you on-point designs and trends. 

We draw and sketch, sip and chat, then cut and stitch to bring you an entirely unique, one off creation. No two are the same, and each is made by hand, just for you. 

We are big believers in imperfection. It is what grounds us, what reminds us that we are human. Perfection isn’t always symmetry. Perfection is in the creased shirts and spilt coffee.

So we take what we see, and use our hands to make something beautiful that reflects this place, it’s people, and the dapper way.